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Violence has erupted in Kenya following the election. Millions of Kenyans have no way of understanding what is happening on the ground and how to stay safe. A local blogger An analysis writes, "Any techies out there willing to do a mashup of where the violence and destruction is occurring and put it on a map?" Within days, four technologists build a web-based platform to crowdsource first-hand reports from citizens via SMS and the web. These reports were then geolocated and timestamped, triggering service was also more effective alerts back to the people on the ground and citizens watching from around the world. They now had a way to understand what was happening where and how to stay safe. Over 40,000 reports were submitted, verified, and triaged. They called it Ushahidi.

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An analysis by Harvard's Kennedy School of Government found that the data collected by Ushahidi was superior to that reported by the mainstream media in Kenya in 2008. The service was also more effective for reporting non-fatal violence as well as information coming in from rural areas.

10 years

Ushahidi – "testimony" or "witness" in Swahili – remains an innovative platform that has been used more than 150,000 times in over 160 countries, crowdsourcing more than 50 million reports from citizens across the world. Ushahidi has grown into a social enterprise with a global team of 30+ highly-skilled and diverse experts from 10 different countries, building on their open source roots. Ushahidi builds technology to help marginalized people raise their voice and get the help they need. These are people in the midst of destruction due to hurricanes or earthquakes, whose human rights are threatened, and others witnessing violence, corruption or harassment. They are also groups of people who have been excluded from conversations and decision-making in matters affecting them. Technology empowers them to be heard so those who can help can respond better.

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Ushahidi builds tools to solve the world's biggest humanitarian and international development challenges.

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Technology can help raise voices to have the greatest impact in the most challenging places to be heard.

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10 years

What are our big goals for the next decade?


We will build transformational solutions for the approaching humanitarian and development issues facing our world.


We have reached 50 million people, and we aim to double that in the next 3 years.


We will prove by example that you can be a mission-driven organization and have a sustainable business model that puts people and society over maximizing profit.

And lastly, we are going to continue to be and act the vision of the world we want to see in the 21st century, by being a global, diverse, and open organization.

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