Ushahidi supports hundreds of grassroots orgs a year with grants. We need your
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This is how we help.

Ushahidi provides hundreds of organizations each with roughly $10,000 USD worth of our software, services and support per year via:

  1. Grassroots grants, which are free deployments of the Ushahidi platform for grassroots organizations with operating budgets of less than $250,000 USD per year.
  2. Open source versions of V2 and V3 of the Ushahidi platform.
  3. Customer support, documentation, and community services.

This totals roughly $2 million USD of value that Ushahidi provides every year to support the missions and ongoing operations of the grassroots organizations and communities we serve. These groups fight for the protection of human rights, save lives during natural disasters, advocate for justice, accountability, and transparency, as well as shed light on harassment and violence. We want to continue to support their incredibly important work in the world, but we need to your help to do so.

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Ushahidi builds tools to solve the world's biggest humanitarian and international development challenges.

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Technology can help raise voices to have the greatest impact in the most challenging places to be heard.

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What we need from you.

Until now, this free support has been drawn from the slim margins of the Ushahidi’s revenue or from large foundations giving grant funding. However, large philanthropic grants are harder to come by as we have grown older, not because we are less impactful, but because we are now more established and no longer new. This had made it increasingly difficult for us to safeguard this ongoing support for these organizations.

In our opinion, these organizations create huge impact using the Ushahidi platform, but we are at serious risk of no longer being able to support their work and give away our software and services for free to these grassroots communities.

We’d be incredibly grateful, as would our grassroots users, if individuals or organizations would donate and directly sponsor and support our work so that we can continue to support these impactful grassroots communities and organizations.

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“I was able to get Safecity up and running in a few hours and have been able to run it for the past eight years without a technical background or team, because I could just use the Ushahidi platform.” -Elsa D’Silva, Founder, Safecity, Award speech at UN Solutions Summit 2016

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I care about: Crisis response


"A 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck the border region between Iran and Iraq. We need access to Responder plan for this humanitarian crisis. There are fears more dead could be in the rubble in Sarpol-e-Zahab and other rural villages of Kermanshah province. As many as 150 people were buried by family members after the earthquake in remote villages who had not been counted in the official death toll, the death toll is more than 1000 so far and people need tent, food and basic supplies."

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Other grassroot projects helping crisis response

Ushahidi supporters

Both large foundations and empowered individuals support Ushahidi’s work. Your contributions help build open source software and support to solve big problems that don’t always have a business model -- human rights abuse, crisis response, disenfranchised citizens, or voter suppression to name a few. The following are some of the incredible organizations who have supported us in helping marginalized people raise their voice and get the help they need.

"We have been supporting Ushahidi’s work since 2009. We continue to support Ushahidi because they have consistently shown their ability to build innovative, user-centric tools to help improve the humanitarian sector as a whole – and ultimately save lives, reduce human suffering, and provide critical support in crises."

Cisco Foundation

"Ushahidi is at the center of the network when it comes to applying innovation to solve humanitarian and development problems. Their work speaks for itself, but in addition, they have inspired a generation of technologists, innovators, and problem-solvers to use technology for good around the world."

Rockefeller foundation

"You can appear here when you support grassroot organisations with Ushahidi too"

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