Video and 9 years of working with Cisco Foundation

Cisco Foundation first supported Ushahidi in 2009.  Over the past number of years Cisco has continued to support our work, particularly around the development of our platform and our newest product, TenFour. Recently, Cisco brought in a great video team to do a short documentary on our work. We are incredibly proud, and it comes at a great moment, our 10 year anniversary. Check it out!

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At the end of the training session with Partners, we gathered information on their perceptions of the training that we had delivered. Over 90% of partners felt that the training session was beneficial to them and that the platform would be useful in collecting information from more of their AGYW without the time constraints and in collecting critical feedback that will assist in improving project implementation. It was highlighted that, the allocation of roles on the platform and the responsibilities for each of those roles, will be crucial in determining how well the platform will work for each organisation. Almost all the Partners felt that they would have benefited from a longer training session on how to use the platform.

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​Welcoming Desigan Chinniah to the Ushahidi Board

Ushahidi is overjoyed to welcome Desigan Chinniah, Dees, to the Ushahidi board. Dees experience championing the open internet and open source software at Mozilla, the makers of Firefox, and building communities at technology firms like eBay and Gumtree makes him an excellent addition to our organization. His insights will be particularly valuable as we continue to serve our mission and simultaneously move on our path towards financial sustainability as a social enterprise. Dees also originally hails from South Africa, bringing insight and diversity that represents Ushahidi’s growing impact across the African continent and the world.

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