Supporting COVID-19 response efforts in Nigeria

The team of three evaluators at the Cloneshouse Nigeria’s Center for Learning, Evaluation and Monitoring (CLEAM) and three data nerds, at Dataphyte, have decided to aggregate information about the COVID-19. This time on a Ushahidi map called the COVID19 Nigeria Map.The idea around this is to document information about COVID-19 in Nigeria from verified news sources and channels, assess the extent to which fake news is peddled during this time and provide real-time information about people that need help to use the Ushahidi platform.

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Ushahidi in the era of COVID 19

In the last week alone, there have been more than 200 covid related maps created on our hosted service, and many other self hosted ones. They’re collecting information, organizing their communities, and making sure that those who need supplies, food, or help are connected to those who can give it. And this number is growing daily.

These deployments are being run by non-Ushahidi staff, using our platform. This is important, we’re a small team of 11 full-time staff, which means we have a binary choice to make: dig into a single deployment of the software (as we’ve done with elections in Kenya and the locusts invasion) or support many at a global level. We’ve chosen the latter: to effectively serve everyone who needs our support.

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ANPAS: Supporting vulnerable communities in Italy during Covid-19 lockdowns

Local communities are also self organising to support groups that have been hardest hit and are most vulnerable to the effects of coronavirus.

One such group is Anpas, the Italian Associations of Public Assistance. This non profit organisation that comprises several volunteering organisations in the Italian region, have deployed the Ushahidi platform to ensure a steady supply of food, medicine and other subsistence goods for citizens who are unable to provide for themselves in this period of isolation in Italy.

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