Technical challenges in delivering emergency SMS in diverse regions

TenFour is Ushahidi's newly announced service, aiming to be the easiest way to reach your team in an emergency, on any device. With TenFour, your organization has a single, simple tool to contact your team members during a crisis and allows managers to clearly see who has responded to an emergency check-in request.

TenFour employs multiple channels to contact team members - in-app, email, slack, voice and of course SMS. This article describes some of the technical challenges in delivering SMS messages to team members in diverse regions.

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SMS Technology: Reaching Last Mile Communities.

With the influx of instant message applications, many have been quick to pronounce the death of the Short Message Service (SMS). However, in developing countries SMS remains the most predominant form of mobile communication. The simplicity and low-tech nature of SMS makes it ideal for both humanitarian situation communications and program outreach in remote areas. 

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Parenting and remote work, living like a digital nomad at home

Remote working and ‘digital nomadness’ is often described as a possibility to work from anywhere, work from the beach and work while travelling the world. But there is another side of remote working not talked about so often. Remote working is perfect for parents, who so often crave the possibility to live a healthy, social and present life with their kids and significant others at the same time as they juggle their careers.

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