2017 Ushahidi Team Retreat Slam Poem

I wrote this poem for our 2017 kick off annual team retreat. In 2016 we shipped a new version of the Ushahidi platform (Mustang) and the first version of TenFour (Rollcall). We had been working on these products for more than 2 years and getting them out the door was a huge accomplishment. It was us working together as a team that helped us to overcome the obstacles and birth more years of impact at Ushahidi.

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How Should We Measure Success? - Ushahidi Spoken Word 2015

This is the second of three spoke word pieces I composed and performed at Ushahidi team retreats over the years. Have been working up the guts to share these with the world. Ushahidi has been a source of inspiration, this poem in particular focused on how we measure success. So often funders are exclusively focused on the growth of quantitative impact metrics, but i've personally found this to be emblematic of the cliche "missing the forest through the trees."

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How To Drive Adoption of An Emergency Alert Tool In Your Org

During crisis events that transpired in 2018, a number of organizations that had installed Ushahidi TenFour on employees’ phones failed to turn on or use the emergency check-in capability during the crisis. Instead, they reverted to texts and phone calls and other messaging options. It was chaotic and time consuming, those organizations reported back to us. As a team, we were confused. We didn’t understand why those organizations chose not to use TenFour in the precise situation for which it was exactly designed.

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