What it’s like to work remotely - A true story

At Ushahidi our team is spread around the world. We’ve written often about how we manage communications and collaboration, from Slack to task management in Github to calls upon calls. But what’s it really feel like? What’s the day to day? This is a Slack thread that gets a bit at what it’s like to work remotely... and some of the good fun we have together at Ushahidi.

Excerpt from Ushahidi Slack thread (names redacted)

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​Ushahidi in 2018: A Year in Review

10 years ago, a group of Kenyan bloggers came together and built Ushahidi to help ordinary Kenyans share what was happening on the ground and keep people safe. Today, in 2018, Ushahidi has grown into a social enterprise with a global team spanning 10 different countries, and continues to build technology to help marginalized people raise their voice and get the help that they need.

Here’s a few highlights from 2018.

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TenFour - Lessons from Westgate to Riverside

On Tuesday I woke up a bit before 7am in Berkeley, California where I live. I made some coffee and went over to my computer to start my work day. I checked my Slack and the news and quickly found out that there was an ongoing terrorist attack at 14 Riverside Complex in Nairobi, Kenya.

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Open Source at Ushahidi: Survey Results and Support from DIAL OSC

We sent out the Ushahidi Open Source Survey 2018, to get a better understanding of who our open source user and contributors are, their experience using and contributing to our tools, and what we can do to improve your experience.

We sent out our survey on 4th October 2018, with an initial deadline for feedback of 19th October 2018. In a bid to garner more feedback, we extended the period to November 9th 2018. However, even with the extension, the feedback turn out was still lower than expected. Nonetheless, those who participated in the survey shared some useful insights that will feed into our open source strategy moving forward.

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