Video and 9 years of working with Cisco Foundation

Cisco Foundation first supported Ushahidi in 2009.  Over the past number of years Cisco has continued to support our work, particularly around the development of our platform and our newest product, TenFour. Recently, Cisco brought in a great video team to do a short documentary on our work. We are incredibly proud, and it comes at a great moment, our 10 year anniversary. Check it out!

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Ushahidi and team wins Paypal, Ebay, and Cisco’s #OpportunityHack!

Ushahidi took part in Paypal, Ebay, and Cisco’s #OpportunityHack event this past week, and our team won first place. We were part of 10 non-profits who put forth problem statements to a gathering of over 100 software developers and designers. Ushahidi stood up and put forth the problem statement of the manual process required to structure SMS and social media messages that don’t come in as organized reports via an embeddable web form or mobile app.

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Ushahidi Wins USAID Global Innovation Million Lives Club Award

Ushahidi was selected as one of ten organizations welcomed into USAID’s Million Lives Club during the Global Innovation Week. Along with other game changing organizations that have reached scale, such as One Acre Fund, Fundacion Capital, Burn, and others. The closing keynote panel of the week included leadership from each of the organizations on stage talking about the process of growing from a startup to an organization at scale.  It was an honor to be on that stage with these other organizations. It was also a powerful moment to sit back and reflect on how much we have accomplished at Ushahidi over the past 10 years. We have launched multiple products, our tools have been used in over 160 countries, we have impacted millions of lives.

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