Ushahidi OS Part 1: Define the Problem - Structure without Bureaucracy and Making the Implicit, Explicit

A few years back we came upon a real tension in the organization. We were over 5 years old, people had burned out and reignited, or didn’t, a new guarde came in to help scale, and we had grown in size from our early startup years. And we realized that we had very little idea what everyone was doing each day and who was responsible for what. Here is how we went about fixing it.

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Ushahidi is Celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary!

Ushahidi is celebrating our 10th year. This is pretty amazing, in light of the fact that we were founded by four Kenyan bloggers a decade ago to keep people safe during the post election violence in Kenya. Since then our software has been used over 150,000 times in over 160 countries, crowdsourcing more than 30 million reports from citizens. Ushahidi’s mission is to build technology to help disadvantaged people raise their voice, and those who serve them to listen and respond better. Fundamentally, we are that communication pathway, the improvement between these two sides, the helpers and those who need help, all around the world.

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Video and 9 years of working with Cisco Foundation

Cisco Foundation first supported Ushahidi in 2009.  Over the past number of years Cisco has continued to support our work, particularly around the development of our platform and our newest product, TenFour. Recently, Cisco brought in a great video team to do a short documentary on our work. We are incredibly proud, and it comes at a great moment, our 10 year anniversary. Check it out!

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