Surveying the social and economic effects of COVID-19 in Africa

Africa desperately needs good and accurate data to help deal with the effects of COVID-19. This project is gathering information to help support business and community during the novel Coronavirus crisis. It is provided and Powered by Liquid Telecom to support Kenya Private Sector Alliance and other partners using the Ushahidi platform.

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ANPAS: Supporting vulnerable communities in Italy during Covid-19 lockdowns

Local communities are also self organising to support groups that have been hardest hit and are most vulnerable to the effects of coronavirus.

One such group is Anpas, the Italian Associations of Public Assistance. This non profit organisation that comprises several volunteering organisations in the Italian region, have deployed the Ushahidi platform to ensure a steady supply of food, medicine and other subsistence goods for citizens who are unable to provide for themselves in this period of isolation in Italy.

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