🎨 Design documentation

Ushahidi has a design process that aims to include user voices as the key component for design insight. As such, all design work relating to a Ushahidi product must have sound user rationale or direct user voices. The ultimate aim of design within Ushahidi is to listen, interpret, facilitate and raise voices of users directly operating the software with the direct responsibility in improving the usability, accessibility, visual design, brand recognition, interaction and purpose of that feature through the medium of design.

Learn about how design works in Ushahidi in this link.

Coming soon: public roadmap

We are working on publishing a new roadmap for Ushahidi V3+ and establishing a more open roadmap process. The roadmap will be linked from our repository and open for comments and feedback from the community. More information about this will be published as a separate blog post.

Coming soon: enabling HDX for all deployers

  • This year, we released an integration with HDX. It enables administrators and users with export permissions to get their data into humdata.org through HXL formatted exports. You can read more about HDX and Ushahidi together [here].
  • When we released this integration, we enabled it on an "as needed" basis for specific deployments that requested it, however, we now plan to make it available for everyone without the extra friction of getting in touch and waiting for it to be enabled.
  • More information on this will be published in a separate blog post

Climate strike

School strike for climate is a movement that was started in 2015 by an independent group of students who invited other students to skip school and raise their voices with 3 demands; clean energy, keep fossil fuels in the ground and help climate refugees. We decided to cover this on our newsletter because it aligns with our core mission which is to help people raise their voices and those who serve them to listen and respond better. This September, Youth all over the world took time off from class and held demonstrations to address climate change.

Here is a link to Quartz Africa Weekly brief that covered the story qz.com Africa

USSD Integration

We have recently been fortunate to have Timothy Olaleke working with us under a Google Summer of Code internship for the last months, putting together a Ushahidi Platform component that allows rendering nearly any Platform survey as a USSD flow on user’s phones.

Read more about the USSD integration in our blog post.