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Mapping media freedom in Europe with the Ushahidi platform, exposing to the world threats against freedom of speech.

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Index on Censorship
Ushahidi v2.7.4

Index on Censorship wanted to map freedom of speech in Europe and bring to light the many restrictions and threats faced by media professionals and citizen journalists today. They chose to use Ushahidi’s Red Carpet service, which, after consultation with Ushahidi, was deemed to be the most straightforward way to set up the project.

The Red Carpet service left Index on Censorship with enough free time and peace of mind to engage partners and spread the word about the platform. Ushahidi created a white label design to fit Index on Censorship’s brand, provided technical strategy consulting, and set up the servers and hosting.

The project launched in May 2014, and so far has mapped over 400 reports from 36 European countries.

Thanks to Red Carpet’s support, Index on Censorship was in the best possible position to contribute to the protection of media freedom and democracy in Europe. One of Ushahidi’s sayings is “Technology is only 10% of a successful deployment”; Ushahidi took care of that 10%, allowing Index on Censorship to focus all of their resources on the critical outreach, training, and verification required to make their project successful.

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