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Our Services

Ushahidi's software is free and open source. But if you need additional features, strategic consulting on deployments, or just want us to just take care of everything in your deployment, Ushahidi Solutions can provide these services. We offer:

Custom Software Development

Custom features designed for your project's needs.

Monthly Hosting and monitoring

Let Ushahidi manage your deployment’s setup, hosting, and maintenance.

White labeling + Design integration

Ushahidi can customize the look and feel of your deployment to match your organization’s brand.

Strategic Deployment Consulting

Leverage Ushahidi’s 7+ years of experience deployment crowdsourcing platforms worldwide.

Community-Building and Partnerships

We can advise on how to run a successful Ushahidi deployment, including how to engage local communities and build partnerships.

Data visualization and analysis

Our team’s data science and visualization experience can help you extract meaning from your deployment’s data.

Get started

The best way to get started with Ushahidi Solutions is to see where your project lies on this spectrum:

Do you want to set up a simple map?

Crowdmap is free and cloud-hosted.

Cost: Free

Do you want to customize your own Ushahidi deployment?

The Ushahidi wiki has in-depth information on how to do this.

Cost: Free

Do you want us to set up a map for you and take care of everything?

Ushahidi's Red Carpet service may be right for you.

Cost: $10,000 set up plus $1000/month hosting/support/maintenance

Do you want a complex customized system built using Ushahidi’s tools?

Contact us so we can learn more about your project, and we’ll get back to you.

Cost: Custom projects start at $40,000
  • Zero cost
  • Quick setup
  • Minimal customization
  • Higher cost
  • Maximum customization
  • Maximum customer service

I want a customized system - which tools do I need?

Don't worry, you don’t need to know whether you need Crowdmap or Ushahidi, CrisisNet or SMSSync. If you are undecided about which of our tools your project requires, we will work in close coordination with your team to determine which tool to customise for your use case.

We can use any of our tools for your needs, whether it’s Ushahidi for crowdsourcing data, the Crowdmap API for a more social crowdsource mapping tool, or CrisisNET to aggregate and sort social media data.

To learn more about each tool, explore our Products page.

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Our Clients

Ushahidi builds platforms for collecting and managing data. As such we have worked with numerous types of organizations. We’ve helped solve problems in the following fields:

International Development

The UN and the World Bank use customized versions of Ushahidi products to improve their situational awareness and engagement with the communities they work with.


We have helped Al Jazeera, the BBC, and Huffington Post receive and verify user content.

Conservation and Humanitarian Aid

We have helped organizations such as World Vision collect, triage, and analyze huge amounts of data to make better decisions.

Human Rights and Civil Society

The Solutions Team has helped organizations such as APC and Index on Censorship give people a voice and bring attention to atrocities.

Election Monitoring

We have helped the International Foundation for Electoral Systems, the Our Vote Live Project, and initiatives such as Uchaguzi and Txeka deploy best-in-class election monitoring for free and fair elections.

Innovative Customer Engagement

We have helped companies like OpenROV and the Institute for the Future dream up and implement big, unique visions for customer engagement.

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