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  • Free & Open Source

    The Ushahidi Platform is free for you to download and use. It is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

  • Interactive Mapping

    One of the most powerful ways to visualize information is to display it on a map. The Ushahidi platform give you rich information mapping tools.

  • Dynamic Timeline

    Track your reports on the map and over time, filter your data by time, and see when things happened and where.

  • Multiple Data Streams

    The Ushahidi Platform allows you to easily collect information via text messages, email, twitter and web-forms.

  • 60,000 + Maps
  • 31 Languages
  • 159 Countries



How a dashboard for monitoring water points across the country, using community feedback, saved USAID and the government time and money.


A joint initiative to monitor the 2013 elections in Kenya, they deployed Ushahidi to enable citizens, civil society, election observers, law enforcement agencies and humanitarian response agencies to monitor election incidents in real-time and take action where necessary.

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Custom Deployments

If you would like a custom built, full-service private application built from the Ushahidi platform for your organization, we are happy to provide it. To learn more about how we can help, send us an email to consulting at ushahidi dot com. 

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