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  • Team-based, collaborative mapping

    Your team can collaborate in real-time around geo-located information, building maps together.

  • Integrate with your apps

    A high-performance, out-of-the-box API that lets you plug Crowdmap into your existing apps. All the hard work around mapping rich data is done.

  • Moderate content submitted by the crowd

    Harness the power of crowdsourced mapping, with customizable filters that allow you to control what gets through.

  • Sandboxed maps and private posts

    Create private maps and posts that are only visible to you and your team. Share information with as wide or narrow an audience that your organization needs.

  • 2,939 Maps
  • 20 Languages
  • 127,591 Reports


CrowdMap PLUS

Crowdmap Plus subscribers have access to additional map-making tools, including unique map tiles, private maps and the ability to apply custom stylesheets.

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The Crowdmap API allows developers to build custom location-based applications, with access to thousands of maps..

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