Juliana Rotich, Executive Director

JulianaJuliana Rotich is originally from Kenya where she spent her early life and schooling. She later moved to the US where she majored in IT and has worked in the industry for over ten years.

She collaborated with the online community and co-founded Ushahidi which is the Swahili word for testimony. Ushahidi is a web based reporting system that utilizes crowdsourced data to formulate visual map information of a crisis on a real-time basis. As a Program Director for Ushahidi she manages projects and aids in the development and testing of the Ushahidi platform.

She also blogs at Afromusing blog, typically with a focus on African tech and renewable energy. She is a budding African Futurist and a TED Senior Fellow. She often speaks at international conferences about tech and Africa.

David Kobia, Director of Technology Development

DavidDavid is a co-founder and technology lead at Ushahidi and brings more than 15 years of product development experience and a multidisciplinary background to his work, with a focus on social and emerging technologies. He works in a variety of roles, from designer and coder to strategist. After pursuing a BS in Computer Science at the University of Alabama, he has been a professional software developer and has worked with almost every web technology in use today. David is an MIT Fellow and in 2010, he was a recipient of MIT Technology Review’s TR35 award (35 top innovators under 35) and the Humanitarian of the Year award.

Rob Baker, Director of Operations

RobRob Baker is responsible for overseeing company deliverables and is a lead on communications strategies. Previously, with a 10-year background in software development and with his field experience for aid programs, Rob was a lead for Ushahidi deployments around the world, primarily working in East Africa, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. He’s spoken at the United Nations, World Bank, government, hackathons, and at technical conferences. Prior to officially joining Ushahidi, he was the Senior Developer of Web and New Media for Oxfam America, a member of the US/Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission on New Media, and an early member of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team. Most recently, he was a Presidential Innovation Fellow implementing open data strategies at USAID and consultant to the World Bank. He is currently based in Washington, DC and is on Twitter at @rrbaker.

Nathaniel Manning, Director of Business Development

NatNathaniel’s work orbits around the theme of developing technology that makes the world a better place.

Nathaniel is the Director of Business and Strategy at Ushahidi. Nat also helps run business development for the BRCK, a redesign of connectivity for the developing world.

He was previously a Presidential Innovation Fellow, and then the first Chief Data Coordinator at USAID. The role involved working to develop tools and strategies for liberating data to fuel entrepreneurship and innovation for international development.

Nathaniel has also been an advisor to Runa Tea, a USA-Ecuadorian social enterprise. Previously, Manning was a financial associate for the Clean Energy team at the Clinton Climate Initiative, living in Bangkok and Melbourne and working throughout Asia-Pacific. Nathaniel holds a BA and MA from Brown University. You can find him on Twitter at @natpmanning.

Mathias Antonsson – Programme Manager, Making All Voices Count

MathiasMathias is the Programme Manager on Making All Voices Count. He is from Sweden but now lives in Nairobi. He has also lived and worked in Australia and the US. Mathias has been working with ICT through Communications and Project Management for both the United Nations and the Swedish Development and Cooperation Agency for over five years. He started the @UN Twitter account, is a PRINCE 2 practitioner and has won a UN 21 Award which is awarded personally by the Secretary-General “to recognize the outstanding work of colleagues who advanced projects with great impact and innovative potential.” As a political scientist and through his previous employers Mathias brings a different perspective to the Ushahidi team. He occasionally blogs and you can reach him at @plurrify.

Angela Oduor – Director of Community Engagement

AngelaAngela Oduor is the Director of Community Engagement at Ushahidi, born in Ukraine, raised in Nairobi, Kenya.

Her work involves creating and managing programs for Ushahidi’s diverse community, as well as mentoring members of Ushahidi’s global open-source developer ecosystem. She has experience as a software developer since 2010 to date. She is passionate about building powerful platforms and providing technical support to users of Ushahidi’s cloud based system, Crowdmap in addition to all new tools Ushahidi makes.

She’s a first class honors’ graduate from Strathmore University, with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology.

She is a co-founder and Director of Community building at AkiraChix, a non-profit organization that aims to develop a successful force of women in technology in Africa through training, mentorship and networking.

Aurelia Moser, Knight Mozilla Open News Fellow

Headshot-20Aurelia is a data munger and code monkey based in New York City. She’s joining Ushahidi as a 2014 Knight Mozilla Open News Fellow to build cool things and otherwise collaborate with the team. With a background in library metadata and lab work, she builds visualizations and narratives around data, supported dually by passions for data preservation and open information. In her free time, she organizes NYC Nodebots meetups and coordinates curricula for Girl Develop It, a non-profit teaching women how to code in low-cost classes. For fun, she runs a radio show based on the semantic web, and digs studying, silent discos, and shoegaze. Follow her @auremoser or at

Seth Hall, Front-End Designer & Developer

SethSeth Hall is a Front-End Designer/Developer at Ushahidi. He feels most at home in the text editor, command line and browser and enjoys the challenge of writing modular, well structured and commented code, as much as splicing and interpreting a Photoshop Document. In his front-end toolbox, you can find HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Foundation, Sass/Compass, Bower, RequireJS, Grunt, Jekyll, Git/Github and PHP/Wordpress, with more tools, technologies, libraries and frameworks being added as needed, it’s kind of an obsession. He considers device agnostic, responsive design essential to building modern web sites and web apps and strives to improve his craft with each build.

Seth considers himself a blessed man to be able to work in such a supportive and collaborative industry and after years of pursuing various forms of creative living (music, film, video) has found his home in the world wide web. In his free time you can find him drinking coffee with friends, reading, napping and hanging with his beautiful wife Elizabeth and their lovely daughter Naomi.

You can follow him on Twitter @middle8media and his Adventures in Wi-Fi.

Esther Ondigo – Administrative Assistant

Esther5 years experience as a customer service representative with a track record of success in meeting and exceeding customer expectations in top Organizations in the USA and Kenya. Holder of a Bachelors degree in Leisure and Hospitality Management and a Certified Hospitality Supervisor certificate awarded by American Hotels and Lodges, Also voted best intern of the year at The American Hospitality Academy. Previously worked for Radisson Resort in Orlando Florida, Fairmont The Norfolk, Fairmont Mara Safari Club, and m:Lab East Africa.Love singing, travelling,spending time in church, listening to music, and learning new things.

Gregory Omondi – Grants Writer

GregGregory is a Bachelor of Business Information Technology (BBIT) Graduate from Strathmore University currently pursuing a Master of Science Degree in Mobile Telecommunication Innovation at Strathmore University. He is one of the founding members of @iLabAfrica, an IT Research Centre under the Strathmore University Faculty of Information Technology, where he worked for two years as a Research Assistant. As a Grant Writer at Ushahidi, he is responsible for securing institutional support for Ushahidi’s projects and programs, as assigned. He is also responsible for conducting a full range of activities required to prepare, submit, and manage unrestricted operational and restricted project grant proposals to various funding sources.

Sharon Rutto – Quality Assurance Engineer

Headshot-23Sharon is a Nairobi based software developer. She recently graduated from Strathmore University with a degree in Business Information Technology. She started off as a Quality Assuarance Testing intern at Ushahidi where she developed a growing interest in we technologies. Prior to this she interned at CoreTEC Systems and Solutions and was part of the Support team for Microsoft Dynamics Nav ERP Systems. In her free time, Sharon loves baking, listening to music and spending time with family and friends. She also loves challenges, learning and discovering new things.

Sebastian Mitchell – Front-End Developer & Designer

Headshot-15Sebastian is a UI/UX designer and front-end developer. Technically a UK citizen, he grew up in various countries around the world, and doesn’t consider himself tied to one location. Before joining Ushahidi, Sebastian was the designer for an early-stage startup in Brazil, and worked as a contractor designing interfaces for mobile health and data collection projects. At Ushahidi, he designs the interfaces for customized deployments of the Ushahidi platform and projects built off the Crowdmap API. Sebastian’s hobbies include juggling, traveling to new countries, and reading about history and psychology.

Chris Albon, Ph.D., Director of CrisisNET

Headshot-4Chris is the Director of , Ushahidi’s service for global crisis data. Previously, Chris was Director of the Governance Project atFrontlineSMS. He earned a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of California, Davis researching the impact of civil wars on health care systems.

Chris blogs at, UN Dispatch, and Daily Dot. In 2008, he founded Conflict Health, a blog on the defense of health and health workers in armed conflict and political violence. Conflict Health has been cited by many major publications, including The Atlantic, Harpers, Wired, The Economist, Time, The Guardian, and The American Prospect.

In another life, Chris was a freelance web designer, including SEO, graphic design, and UI/UX. He lives in Baltimore.

Shadrock Roberts – Director, Resilience Network Initiative

Headshot-24Shadrock applies geography to humanitarian and development challenges and has joined Ushahidi as Director of our Resilience Responsiveness Initiative: a multi-year project to provide TheRockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities with tools that strengthen situational awareness of community needs and improve municipal decision making. Prior to joining us, Shadrock was a founding member of the U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) GeoCenter, where he established new approaches to open data by combining traditional geographic information systems and crowdsourcing. Whether mapping economic development or producing geospatial data for risk reduction , his work transcends organizational boundaries, convenes diverse groups of stakeholders, and engages students and digital volunteers to create open data for improved decision making. Together with creative uses of technology he understands that holistic solutions must address organizational capacity and policy to ensure sustainability. Shadrock has also developed remote sensing techniques for refugee enumeration at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; co-founded participatory mapping initiatives for disaster response; and is currently making a concerted effort to (finally) finish his PhD at the University of Georgia. Despite all this, he remains addicted to fresh air and spends as much time as possible lost among big mountains.

Woody Gilk – Senior Developer

Headshot-27Woody is a web application developer living in Grand Marais, Minnesota, USA who joined the Ushahidi Platform team in 2014. He has been building websites since he was 16 years old and has worked in website development his entire life. Prior to joining Ushahidi, he has worked for both small and large companies, as well as running a successful freelancing business for several years. Woody also contributes to other open source software, including co-founding the Kohana PHP Framework. When not programming, he likes to brew tea gong fu style, tend to his garden, and ride single-speed bicycles.

Brian Herbert – Director of Technology Operations

BrianBrian Herbert is the Director of Technology Operations with a focus on hosted services at Ushahidi. Before falling in love with Ushahidi in 2008, he was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Kenya, worked with Esoko in Ghana as a software developer, and performed web maintenance at CNET. He received his MBA from Kennesaw State University and a BS in Computer Information Systems from Bellarmine University.

Daudi Were – Director, Making All Voices Count

Daudi Were is a Kenyan technology strategist, entrepreneur, social activist based in Nairobi, Kenya. He is regularly recognised as one of the most influential African voices online on technology and how it relates to accountability and transparency; the growth of social and citizen media and the way it is changing the world we live for the better; trends in technology; good information as the most powerful resource for development.

As Project Director at Ushahidi, Daudi manages key partnerships and custom Ushahidi deployments for organisations ranging from large multinational organisations to grassroots NGOs.

Daudi blogs at Mentalacrobatics, is a TED Africa fellow, a semi-retired rugby player and supportsAFC Leopards and Liverpool FC.

Henry Addo – Senior Developer

Headshot-17Henry is a software developer living in Accra, Ghana. He has worked as a software developer with several IT companies including Suuch Solutions, txtGhana, IDZ Ghana limited. He has also worked as a Java instructor at IPMC Ghana, an IT training institution.

He is passionate about open technologies and has been instrumental in the evangelism and advocacy of the use of Free and Open Source Software in Ghana. Henry enjoys riding on his motorcycle when he is not doing his professional work, practiceKarate Shotokan and traveling. You can read about his personal experiences with technology on his blog at Info zone.

Jon Shuler – R&D Manager

Jonathan is self described polymath with a background in multimedia journalist and a penchant for taking things apart to make new things. Like all hardware hackers, Jonathan’s experience has come out of necessity and frustrations. His improvised creations have ranged from a remote trigger systems to sync sound and multiple cameras for multi-cam interviews, to hot-wiring a hard drive to a car battery in order to file a story from the DRC.

Jonathan has been collaborating with Ushahidi since the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, creating videos which highlighted the impact of Ushahidi Platform has on real people’s lives. As R&D Manager for Ushahidi, Jonathan leads a team of engineers and designers develop hardware that we hope will change the way we experience internet connectivity.

Limo Taboi – Finance Director

Headshot-8Limo is a banker and blogger living in Nairobi, Kenya. Prior to joining Ushahidi, Limo worked as a banker in the Kenyan finance sector. He holds an MBA and dabbles in Nairobi Stock Exchange investments and real estate management. In the future, Limo plans to develop funding and finance links to the local tech community. He enjoys formula one racing and travel.


Linda Kamau – Developer

Headshot-22Linda Kamau is a software developer based in Kenya with a degree in Business Information Technology. She develops both web and mobile applications. Before joining Ushahidi, Linda worked as a software developer with IT firms such as Ibidlabs, Ltd. and Mobile Pay, Ltd.

When not doing what she loves most (coding), she enjoys outdoor activities like camping. She is also a die hard Man U fan and can often be found watching the latest football match.

Robbie Mackay – Senior developer

Headshot-19Robbie Mackay is a software developer based in Auckland, New Zealand. He joined Ushahidi to work on custom deployments with partners and now works on improving the Ushahidi platform. He has been part of the Ushahidi community since early 2011.

Prior to joining Ushahidi, Robbie worked with charities and non-profits such as ActionAid, the UK Green Building Council and Greenpeace. Robbie has a BE in Computer Systems Engineering from Auckland University.

When he’s not coding Robbie can be found obsessively brewing coffee, walking in the bush or trail running.

Jepchumba – Designer

Headshot-26Jepchumba is an African digital artist and digital enthusiast who works hard to combine her two passions: Digital media and Africa. Originally from Kenya, she has lived around the world developing her interest in philosophy, art and technology. Jepchumba has a Masters in Digital Media with experience in New Media project management and digital production She specializes in Web Design, Digital Art, Audio/Visual Production and User Interface/User Experience. Jepchumba is also the founder of African Digital Art Network, dedicated to the African Digital Media industry. Jepchumba continues to focus on the intersection between technology, creativity and design.

Sara-Jayne Terp – Director of Data Projects

SarahSara is a New-Jersey-based data scientist, working on Ushahidi deployments and customisations for external partners. She’s been part of the Ushahidi community since January 2010 and is an active lead in the crisis data community. Before joining Ushahidi, Sara worked on development data science at the UN, ChangeAssembly, and as an independent expert for groups including UNOCHA; her earlier work includes innovations management, unmanned systems, situation awareness systems, computer vision, risk modeling, sonar signal processing, pyrotechnics, automated creativity, and algorithms to fuse uncertain and incomplete information at various consultancies, companies and universities. She currently teaches technology system design at Columbia SIPA, co-leads, blogs about hardware at and blogs about data science (as her cat Emily) at

Vidya Spandana – Director of Marketing

Vidya believes in the combined powers of business, technology, partnerships, and good storytelling to solve global challenges that humanity faces. For over 14 years she has advised technology companies on marketing, business development, and product development through accelerators and angel networks such asTech Stars’ Nike+, Astia, Portland Incubator Experiment, andPSF. Vidya co-founded and helped to turn it into a multi-million dollar business by the time she earned her degree in Computer Science and Engineering. Under Vidya’s strategic guidance, Online Guru, an online-marketing company made the Inc.5000 list reporting 391% growth in three years. Prior to joining Ushahidi, Vidya was a Presidential Innovation Fellow working with the White House to leverage US Government open data for the mission to end global poverty. She is also the board president of Code Scouts, the founder of Neppalli Strategy, and the artist behind the right brain.

Vidya lives in both Portland and in the SF Bay Area, with frequent travels to lands far beyond the west coast—making art, surfing long lefts, retreating to mountain monasteries, and producing short films. You can find her on Twitter @vid_spandana.

Zack Halloran – Senior Developer

ZackZack is a web hack, MBA, and all around technology enthusiast focused on evolving and growing Crowdmap. His first experience on open source software projects came as the program manager at theIntelligent Health Lab at Boston Children’s Hospital. There he worked on open source Health IT platforms like Indivo and SMART. Prior to joining Ushahidi he was the CTO of RNsights, a company that builds online communities for healthcare workers where they can share experiences, knowledge and best practices. He is also the co-founder of EncouragePlay, a website dedicated to nurturing play skills in children, especially those who struggle with social interaction. You can follow his non-sensical ramblings @zackhalloran and @fullstackweb.

Jonathon Morgan – Senior Developer

JonanthonJonathon is a technologist and entrepreneur focused on software architecture and product development. He was previously the CTO of South American travel startup SA Trails, Principal Technologist at Bay Area design/build agency Bright & Shiny, and founder of Good at the Internet, an interactive consultancy whose clients included SXSW. He regularly speaks on system design and emerging technologies. As technology lead for CrisisNET, Jonathon is focused on building the premier platform for global crisis data, and the community who will power that platform. Jonathon lives in Austin, TX with his wife, nine-year-old daughter, and small, fuzzy dog. You can find him @jonathonmorgan.

Anarghya Vardhana – Product Manager

1417591_10100817502530173_1043118106_oAnarghya is a product manager, entrepreneur, and investor living in San Francisco, CA. She is a proud Stanford alumna, and wrote her thesis on the political economy of cell phones in the rural sector of developing countries. After graduating, Anarghya spent three years working at Google where she was first exposed to Ushahidi while working on the Google Ideas team; she’s been enamored ever since.

Her professional experience ranges from internationalizing products and mobilizing citizen journalists during elections in at-risk regimes to developing products in highly regulated industries such as finance and health. Anarghya is especially passionate about startups disrupting existing paradigms, user-centered design, and user experience research.

In her minimal spare time Anarghya runs marathons, studies Indian classical dance (Bharatanatya), and cheers on her favorite football teams (Stanford and Seattle Seahawks). She infrequently blogs and frequently tweets @anarghya503

 Ben Lieblich – Chief Financial Officer

Lieblich Headshot

Ben Lieblich is the Chief Financial Officer of Ushahidi.  He also serves as a part-time and interim CFO for early stage and growth companies in business and IT services.  In a finance career spanning more than 15 years, Ben has pursued his passion for helping companies prepare for and manage innovation and growth in the face of uncertain demand.  Previously, he founded and served as President of healthcare technology pioneer Pro Practica, which was sold in 2009. Prior to that, he was a senior stock analyst at Deutsche Bank.  Ben graduated with honors from Columbia College, Harvard Law School and the MBA program at Georgetown University.

A native of the Washington, DC, area, Ben lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and daughter.  Formerly an avid scuba diver, traveler, and published movie critic, Ben now spends most of his free time happily at the playground.