Happy Week! Maps connect us to stories and data. Our Deployments of the Week aim to give voice to the dispossessed.

Deployments of the Week

Ushahidi roots are in citizen voices. We recognize Porlosquefaltanenmexico and Desaparicionesas our Deployments of the Week. Together they are part of the #YoSoyRed movement – an Intelligence Collective. We’ve heard much in the news about Mexico. We encourage anyone to plan for security measures for their deployment. …

Happy Week! We have feature updates, a community asks for data tool testing and two Hangouts – one virtual and one in Seattle.

Into the Code Crowdmap

It’s now easier to embed content on Crowdmap on your own website! Services that support oEmbed will now automatically grab embed details for any URL on Crowdmap. We worked with Embedly to make this even easier, joining a long list of supported providers like …

Happy week! There are updates for both SMSSync and ios – get your mobile fix! We also are happy to share Crowdmap API updates and another sneak peak at the UI for Ushahidi 3.0. And, we want to recognize some map projects from Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Sudan.

Focusing on Maps in Africa

Determining the Deployment of the Week is a often a challenge. While every effort is remarkable, we had a tough community …

From increasing transparency of urban planning projects in Prague, to creating awareness on disaster preparedness in Indonesia and Geeking out at OSCON(among others), here’s your weekly fix of all things Ushahidi and community.

Deployment of the week

This week, we recognise two amazing projects as deployments of the week. MediaCenter creates awareness about distasters in indonesia, in an effort to create awareness of how to prepare people for natural disasters to come. …

From Citizen Action in the Philippines to Data experiments to Translation help and Open Source Events, we’ve got an action mapped weekly.

Deployment of the Week

Citizen Action in the Philippines are the Deployment of the Week. CANA is all about building citizen action:

More Deployments of the Week.

Also see this work about Mapping Gender Violence in Cambodia.

OSCON and Portland

Angela and I will be …

Happy Week! We’ve got three great community meetups coming including Mapping Syria Discussion. Our Deployment of the Week seeks to eliminate waste and increasing sharing. Also, we’ve got a sneak peak at 3.0.

On a more personal note, one of our Ushahidi community members from Malyasia uses maps and videos to give voice. His rights are under distress. We support him and his team through this difficult time. …

In the weekly: We’ve got upcoming events for Ushahidi Developers and Crowdmap users. Data is on our mind, so tune into our Data Ethics in Research conversation. And, we’ve got Topic of the Week for new Crowdmap and our Deployment of the Week from Iran.

I’ve been riveted by all the events in Turkey. My thoughts are with citizens and activists. There have been a few questions to our community about who …