Today we are introducing you to the latest person to join the Ushahidi team. Evan Sims (@evansims) comes to us as a Senior Developer, helping to improve scalability, performance and reliability of our Crowdmap service. We are super excited to see what he can do with the platform!

Evan extending an outdated looking point and shoot camera in a pub.

Evan brings a unique element to the team with his background …

The Ushahidi platform would not be what it is today if it weren’t for the amazing support of the Ushahidi community. Members of the community continuously improve the open source software, deploy the technology in truly inspiring ways and share invaluable feedback with the Ushahidi team. So we’ve decided to launch an “Official Ushahidi Partner” Badge and a “Trusted Developer” Badge to recognize some of the most active members of the community.

Since we became an organization last year we’ve only brought on one person to the Ushahidi staff to help with the increasing amount of work (Henry Addo in Ghana), making 5 of us total. Of course, this has only been possible due to the outstanding community of programmers, testers, grad students, translators, bloggers and designers who openly volunteer their time to the project.

Last month Ory announced a grant that Ushahidi received …

We’re extremely grateful to the programmers and designers who dedicate their valuable time, brains and resources to making Ushahidi what it is. As a thank you, we’ve created a special “Ushahidi Dev Team” t-shirt that is only given to people who have laid down some code or done design work (though we might make an exception for individuals who have done an extensive language translation of the content).

Men’s shirt is tan: