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While democracies share common features, there is no single model and the same is true for innovations designed to engage citizens and incentivise better governance.

On the International Day of Democracy September 15, Making All Voices Count, a global initiative that aims to foster and support new ideas to enable better citizen engagement and government responsiveness, will …

Cross-posted from the Making All Voices Count Blog. View the original article here.

The Global Innovation Competition (GIC) is a central part of the Making All Voices Count programme, aimed at supporting effective democratic governance and accountability. Its competitive nature is intended to bring out the most innovative and inspiring ideas for 12 key countries, which radically rethink the routes to accountable responsive governance. Having completed the first Global Innovation

This week we put five new positions up on the Ushahidi Jobs page. Exciting stuff happening in the Ushaverse. Let me kick off this post with a caveat. At Ushahidi, we don’t hire for specific skills and often purposefully keep our role definitions grey. At Ushahidi we hire for awesome. We look for people who are passionate about our work and add a new blend to our team and culture. It doesn’t matter …

I had the rare privilege of being tested for Ebola last week (short story: blood poisoning, near death, asked where my office was, said Kenya, drips, intensive care, recovering fine etc), and have been looking today at designs for upcoming V3 features to help improve service provision (monitoring poverty levels, rural water, electricity etc).  And it struck me in juxtaposing these, that when we talk about poverty and services, we talk so much

Cross-posted from the Making All Voices Count Blog. View the original article here.

In light of the upcoming Global Innovation Competition (GIC), past GIC mentor Fredrick Ouko shares his views on what it means to include ALL voices in new innovations aimed at greater citizen engagement and government responsiveness.

I was short-listed, but when I arrived for the job interview I could tell they were in shock. I hadn’t listed I had a disability …

Every new translation makes our tools more accessible to people across the globe, helping people get critical information they need. Our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of our volunteer translators for your contributions to translating our software into more than 40 languages in the last 5 years! Each word, string or phrase you have translated to date has gone a long way in making our software accessible to people across the globe, allowing for multilingual citizen participation!

8th Continent Conference Circuit: A post from our Open News Fellow, Aurelia Moser

About 8 months ago, I joined Ushahidi as an Open News Fellow, splitting my time between Mozilla, Internews Kenya, and Ushahidi-proper. I unofficially joined the team just after the Westgate attack, to contribute to an organization often operating in crisis, building some pioneering and prolific soft/hardware projects in response to that crisis context, and thereby contributing to the global crisis-aid …