2013 has proved to be a big one for us at Ushahidi. Coming from a 2012 where a lot was done, but where we all felt we weren’t shipping enough product, the acceleration has proved to be refreshing. At this year’s meeting we made a commitment to organize better towards this, and the fruits have borne out.

TL;DR – We shipped Crowdmap, Ushahidi v3, SwiftRiver and BRCK in 2013 (+ Ping too now) …

Happy Week! In this week’s Community Report, we’re happy to say we are hiring, Congratulations to the hard working folks from Argentina (our Deployment of the Week), a new SwiftRiver event and thanks to our amazing community from Grant MacEwan University and Nepal.

Deployment of the Week

We recognize the tremendous effort by our Deployment of the Week from Argentina: Inundaciones 2 abril:

Happy Week from Nairobi! We have updates about Uchaguzi and the upcoming Community Developer call.

Pause. A room full of creative, dedicated, smart people gather. Their mission: to build a strong offline and online campaign of citizen voices for the upcoming Kenyan elections. Planning is key to any Ushahidi project. We’re excited to share this journey with our local and global community.

At last night’s event, we did a group map perception infographic exercise …

This is a blogpost by Angela Crandall, one of the Research Leads at iHub Research, Nairobi. 

While most projects related to hate speech have been looking at mainstream media, we are aware of the influence—positive and negative—that New Media such as the blogosphere and online forums had on the 2007 Post Election Violence in Kenya. Therefore, our flagship Umati project seeks to monitor and report, for the first time, the role of new …

With a few Nairobi friends, we are helping support our local community:

Why this Crowdmap?

To help the laudable efforts of @KenyaRedCross, @Mtotowajirani , @KenyaRoadSafety and others To reduce the noise to signal ratio on the hashtag, so that information  can be organized and visualized easily. To create an archive of what happened online in response to the strike and debilitating state of mobility in Kenya.

Context: The Kenyan government recently …

Community and code – can this week be any better! In the weekly, we are proud to recognize some amazing community leaders, announcing even more new code (who needs sleep?) and, finally, share some upcoming events including an IDEO hackathon.

From the Community Announcing Community Leaders

Our community is growing globally. We want to talk a moment to extend our thanks to the some of the community leaders who continue to make this possible. …

Also at ethnographymatters.net

Almost a year ago, I was hired by Ushahidi to work as an ethnographic researcher on a project to understand how Wikipedians managed sources during breaking news events. Ushahidi cares a great deal about this kind of work because of a new project called SwiftRiver that seeks to collect and enable the collaborative curation of streams of data from the real time web about a particular issue or event. …

In this week’s report, we have David’s OSCON presentation “Pivoting an African Open Source Project” and a reminder about this month’s Ushahidi Community Developer chat.

Into the code

SwiftRiver Beta testing is continuing. To get a beta account, click to signup. If you have a Swift Beta account, we’re tracking input here.

From the Community

Reminder: The next Community Developer call will be Monday, July 30/ Tuesday …

From Swift to Hack, here’s the Ushahidi Weekly: The SwiftRiver team gave a demo during our monthly Developer Community Call. We’re participating in Random Hacks of Kindness and the Free Election Hackathons.

From the Community:

Women Under Siege was featured in the medical journal: The Lancet.

The Water Voices team created this video to highlight their project plans:

Deployment of the Week for May 25th: