The Ebola epidemic in West Africa has been spiraling out of control for months, though it has been largely underreported in the international press. With the recent news that three Americans had been infected, one in Nigeria and two who have been transported back to the United States for treatment, we decided to capitalize on the increased global attention.

Using data from the World Health Organization we analyzed the movement of the

Our Community is Important to us!

IMG_29042014_173121 The Ushahidi community has always been at the heart of what we do.
  • Developers and Designers: Every single line of code you commit to ushahidi goes a long way in improving our software for mappers across the globe. Our last 3 bug fix releases couldn’t have been done without you
  • Translators: You help to globalise our software by making it available in more than 42 languages worldwide
  • Deployers/Users: You share your experiences and lessons learned with us, in turn, teaching other deployers through your experiences
  • Researchers: You help us make sense of data collected, and frame our thinking behind data collection and how to structure our tools and strategies.

We sent out this community survey because we care about what you think, and want to understand how to better serve your needs.

Deployment of the week

This week, we recognise the efforts of the team at Volontaires internationaux en soutien aux opérations virtuelles (VISOV), who are crowdsourcing images of destruction and aid deployment in the wake of the Typhoon Yolanda in Philippines. This deployment, much like all other efforts being ran out there, will go a long way in helping to alleviate the suffering of the Filipino people.

Deployment of the Week

This week, we recognise the effort of the team at One De Olho Nas Emendas, who are engaging with citizens in Brasilia to track the effect of amendments of the district’s budget and highlight cases of corruption.

In the News World Disaster Report Released

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies‘ 2013 World Disaster Report was released recently. This report focuses on technology and …

The mobile phone has been at the core of Ushahidi’s strategy when building tools for citizen engagement. Its ubiquitous nature makes it the easiest tool to use and ensure that a vast majority of citizens can actively participate. We’ve seen this to be the case in many past Ushahidi deployments, such as Uchaguzi( deployment to monitor the 2013 kenyan general elections). Most of the reports that came into the platform during that time were …

[Guest post cross-posted from Ihub Research. About the author: Angela Crandall studies the uptake and increasing utility of ICTs in East Africa from a user’s perspective. Angela is currently a Research Manager at iHub and also co-lead of Waza Experience, an iHub community initiative aimed at prompting under-privileged children to explore innovation and entrepreneurship concepts grounded in real-world experience.]

iHub Research is pleased to publish the results of our research on developing …

[Guest Post by Patricia Dorsher is the Feedback Labs Launch Editor at Ashoka and James E. Jernberg Public Service Fellow at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs. Feedback Labs is a consortium of like-minded organizations, including Ashoka and Ushahidi, who are committed to citizen engagement in the fields of aid, philanthropy, and development. A previous version of this post was originally published on Feedback Labs on July 31, 2013.]

In feedback loops, …

[Guest Post by Maria Grabowski. Maria Grabowski holds a M.Sc. in social anthropology from the University of Copenhagen. Based on fieldwork in Cairo and Nairobi, her Master Thesis from 2013 explores Ushahidi through an anthropological take on social movements, digital activism and hope. Maria has also been active in various groups within Global Voices Online, and offline she leads a series of ethnographic documentary film screenings in Copenhagen, where she is based. Maria’s fundamental interest …

From increasing transparency of urban planning projects in Prague, to creating awareness on disaster preparedness in Indonesia and Geeking out at OSCON(among others), here’s your weekly fix of all things Ushahidi and community.

Deployment of the week

This week, we recognise two amazing projects as deployments of the week. MediaCenter creates awareness about distasters in indonesia, in an effort to create awareness of how to prepare people for natural disasters to come. …