Over the past few months, a number of you have had several issues with database prefixes after installation, CSV upload issues and a few other bugs. After a few weeks of testing and clean up, we have been shown the green light to release 2.7.1. This is a bug fix release meaning it has seen most of the critical bugs reported on 2.7 fixed and merged in.

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Happy Week! Maps connect us to stories and data. Our Deployments of the Week aim to give voice to the dispossessed.

Deployments of the Week

Ushahidi roots are in citizen voices. We recognize Porlosquefaltanenmexico and Desaparicionesas our Deployments of the Week. Together they are part of the #YoSoyRed movement – an Intelligence Collective. We’ve heard much in the news about Mexico. We encourage anyone to plan for security measures for their deployment. …

Ushahidians often say that there are map projects in 156 countries/places. Where in the world by country or place has there been a map? We thought we share some quick stats for you:

Top Countries that Ushahidi has been used:

United States
United Kingdom
Russian Federation

We live and map in a world of possibilities. With it comes a lot of responsibility, but huge potential to connect. Previously, I’ve written a bit about the “unusual suspects” and potential of global doers. I’m flush back from Info Activism Camp hosted by Tactical Tech Collective. Each time I attend a global event, I see borders dissolving and walk in wonderment at the amazing people who keep building those efforts. This is the …

Your map, your language. It is our mission to localize and translate Ushahidi with our community into your language of choice. We know that having a map in the local language increases accessibility and usage. Maps are story telling devices but better when in your own words.

Translators without Borders facilitates the transfer of knowledge from one
language to another by creating and managing a community of NGOs who …

Community updates have been less regular due to Uchaguzi. I’ll get back to Weekly updates finally. Uchaguzi was the largest community participatory project we’ve worked on both globally and locally. Rich community experiences will inform our work throughout the year! If you haven’t taken a look, we’ve created full documentation on how we did a large deployment. Please take it and remix for your work.


Upcoming Ushahidi meetups

Environmental Mappers Community Hour

Happy Week! In this Community report, we’re featuring work from Jakarta, Italy and, of course, Kenya. The next two months will be full of Uchaguzi updates. Since the Ushahidi team is heavily involved in the project, we want to share our journey with you. Believe me, we are learning tons!

Deployment of the Week: OpenIR Jakarta Banjir

This week’s feature Deployment is from the OpenIR team. They are in Indonesia testing out their Infrared Imaging …

The Kenyan 2013 Elections are just over a month away. If this past weekend’s political nominations are any indication, there will be a rise of people’s voices and stories to share. You may be asking: how can I contribute? From researchers to developers to online strategists to translators and sense-makers, we aim to connect and build Uchaguzi together.

We’ve created Uchaguzi Working groups. Each of the groups have their own wiki page. Global participants …

Happy Code Year! Ushahidians are arriving in Kenya for our annual team meetings and coworking. We’re excited to get started. If you are a community member, partner, friend, funder or fan of Ushahidi, you can help us plan for 2013 by participating in our brief Ushahidi Community Survey.

In the Weekly, we have upcoming community events for developers and the Kenyan elections. Plus, we are excited to share SwiftRiver planning. First up: …

Word by phrase by string. Each language or localization for Ushahidi software requires word by word translation. Using Transifex, our community has had great progress in increasing the localization. Sometimes a language set is championed by a strong individual like Jaume Fortuny for Catalan or Juergen Eichholz for German. Other times, it is a collective effort by a group of people or even some amazing organizations. We are delighted to support