Deployment of the week

This week, we recognise the efforts of the team at Volontaires internationaux en soutien aux opérations virtuelles (VISOV), who are crowdsourcing images of destruction and aid deployment in the wake of the Typhoon Yolanda in Philippines. This deployment, much like all other efforts being ran out there, will go a long way in helping to alleviate the suffering of the Filipino people.

Deployment of the week

We applaud the efforts of, utilizing the power of technology to reduce waste and connect surplus food to the hungry by mapping out food donations from participating vendors and delivery of these donations to organizations in the US.

Tech Tools for Emergencies

The recent terrorist attacks in Nairobi shook all of us to the core. Thankfuly, all members of the Ushahidi Kenya team and their families are safe. …

Deployment of the Week

This week, we recognise two deployments for their outstanding work and efforts.

Crisis scape embark on a mission to trace and research cases of migrant attacks in Athens.

We could all use more compassion and humility. Jon Ramer and the Compassion Games Team have been learning, planning and mapping to launch their Deployment of the Week:

More Details:
Nobody loses …

Happy Week! Maps connect us to stories and data. Our Deployments of the Week aim to give voice to the dispossessed.

Deployments of the Week

Ushahidi roots are in citizen voices. We recognize Porlosquefaltanenmexico and Desaparicionesas our Deployments of the Week. Together they are part of the #YoSoyRed movement – an Intelligence Collective. We’ve heard much in the news about Mexico. We encourage anyone to plan for security measures for their deployment. …

[Guest post by Jean Brice in English and French. He is preparing for the upcoming Cameroon Elections. Jean Brice previously joined the Uchaguzi Kenyan Elections team to learn how to do a full Ushahidi program]

(English to follow)

Jean Brice est un programmeur et activiste impliqué dans de nombreux rôles et projets de développement. Il a obtenu son diplôme universitaire dans le domaine de la gestion des TIC. Il est le …

Ushine is a tool created by the Data Science for Social Good Fellows. Nathan Leiby, Kayla Jacobs, Kwang-Sun Jim and Elena Evena joined Emmanuel Kala, our community and network to dive into data cleaning and data analysis to assist Ushahidians and others on their data missions. The created tool is possible to use with Ushahidi or, with some code mashing, other software. Emmanuel Kala also created an Ushahidi plugin building on the collective braining.

Today …

Happy Week! We have feature updates, a community asks for data tool testing and two Hangouts – one virtual and one in Seattle.

Into the Code Crowdmap

It’s now easier to embed content on Crowdmap on your own website! Services that support oEmbed will now automatically grab embed details for any URL on Crowdmap. We worked with Embedly to make this even easier, joining a long list of supported providers like …