A few of us Ushahidians spent this past week at OSCON 2014 (Open Source Conference) in beautiful sunny (well, almost) Portland, OR and here is our report back to you on the festival of all things open source. TL;DR We went to fascinating sessions, we drank Portland beer, we made new friends, and we got to share our work at Ushahidi with group of very inspired, super high-tech hot shots.
The week started off with …

Tahrir Sqaure, Egypt during Arab Spring

Every one of the social movements that used the Ushahidi Platform, from disaster response to election monitoring to municipal services, have succeeded because of lowering the barriers for using the platform. While there are key needs across all deployers of the platform, every  movement and every cause has its own unique needs. Enter customizable platforms that enable people with little tech expertise to setup and use a tool that …

Man with a rocket, from Facebook via CrisisNET

Is it possible to find crisis data in the chaos of social media? Which of the 50 million Facebook pages will help you understand a conflict? Can you prove chemical weapons use from watching YouTube?

We did.

Following up on the partnership between CrisisNET and open data journalist Eliot Higgins, I’ll be doing an Ignite talk at OSCON this Sunday. If you haven’t experienced an …

Deployment of the week

This week, we recognise the efforts of the team at Volontaires internationaux en soutien aux opérations virtuelles (VISOV), who are crowdsourcing images of destruction and aid deployment in the wake of the Typhoon Yolanda in Philippines. This deployment, much like all other efforts being ran out there, will go a long way in helping to alleviate the suffering of the Filipino people.

Deployment of the Week

This week, we recognise the effort of the team at One De Olho Nas Emendas, who are engaging with citizens in Brasilia to track the effect of amendments of the district’s budget and highlight cases of corruption.

In the News World Disaster Report Released

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies‘ 2013 World Disaster Report was released recently. This report focuses on technology and …

Deployment of the Week

This week, we acknowledge the efforts of the Pantau Pusaka Indonesia team towards providing a platform for citizens to share updates on preservation of endangered heritage.

In the news MAVC Open for business

This last week, the Making All Voices Count team has held events in 3 different african cities to officially open business. They launched in Accra, Johannesburg, and finally in Nairobi. Folks in Jakarta, stay …

Crisismappers of all map forms, organizations and disciplines will be converging on Nairobi in November 2013 for the 5th Annual International Conference of Crisismappers (ICCM) . Join important humanitarian, human rights, development and media organizations along with the world’s best technology companies, academics, journalists and hackers. Ushahidi and ihub are proud sponsors. We’re delighted that you will visit our home base.

Crisismappers connect all year round via the community ning

From increasing transparency of urban planning projects in Prague, to creating awareness on disaster preparedness in Indonesia and Geeking out at OSCON(among others), here’s your weekly fix of all things Ushahidi and community.

Deployment of the week

This week, we recognise two amazing projects as deployments of the week. MediaCenter creates awareness about distasters in indonesia, in an effort to create awareness of how to prepare people for natural disasters to come. …