Happy Random Hacks of Kindness (RHOK) weekend! RHOK’s mission is to create a self-sustaining global community of innovators building practical open technology for a better world, and to ensure their work creates impact in society.

RHOK Bangalore (India), Nairobi (Kenya) and Vancouver (Canada) will each be featuring Ushahidi Hacks. The types of projects range from Violence against women, Safety and corruption tracking. We’re delighted to have a number of Ushahidians very active in …

With a few Nairobi friends, we are helping support our local community:

Why this Crowdmap?

To help the laudable efforts of @KenyaRedCross, @Mtotowajirani , @KenyaRoadSafety and others To reduce the noise to signal ratio on the hashtag, so that information  can be organized and visualized easily. To create an archive of what happened online in response to the strike and debilitating state of mobility in Kenya.

Context: The Kenyan government recently …

We have an important Security release and minor code fix for 2.6. The release number is 2.6.1.

Security updates: Vulnerability: Forgotten password challenge guessable.

Fixes security issue discovered by Timothy D. Morgan. (Thank you).

Forgotten password challenges were guessable based on users last login and email address. Tokens are now generated based on a HMAC of login time and email address using a salt and secret key specifically for these tokens.


This vulnerability can …

[Guest post by Francesco Bartoli. Francesco is the founder at Geobeyond Srl and a geospatial technologist who fosters innovation technology to Geographic Information System and Spatial Data Infrastructure. He is advocate of Open Source, Open Government, Open Data development where also acts as OGC standards and INSPIRE advisor to assisting business programs at largest extent of interoperability and cooperation.]

Participating in a conference call among the core developers of a very interesting project such …

What an amazing few weeks connecting in person with deployers on two continents! Please consider this a 3-week wrap-up of great projects and people. While traveling, I met deployers ranging from corruption/transparency activists, journalists, data hackers, environmentalists, election hackers, researchers, civil society dynamos and more. There could be academic papers and blog posts on each of the amazing people and projects. So, this will be a longer blog highlighting some of the last few weeks …

[Guest post by Avi Lambert: Avi is passionate about cross-pollinating web thinking in government, the public sector and civil society organizations. His work connects the dots between strategies, tactics, desired end-state behaviors and demographics. www.avilambert.net]

“Locative media utilize a range of devices from GPS systems, and wi-fi networks, to bluetooth enabled cellphones, to creative new networks, community maps or mobile gaming experiences that engage and make visible the particularities of local spaces and place.”

What is corruption mapping? In the past year, we have seen a rise of corruption tracking maps or maps that include tracking corruption as part of their project. A number of our Deployment of the Weeks have been corruption maps. And, one of our Trusted Developers, Tarik Nash-Nesh, has been a leader connecting Ushahidi’s community with Transparency International.

Fight Corruption with Online Tools

This week we’re attending the 15th International Anti-Corruption

This past week has been a trying one for many communities affected by Hurricane Sandy. From Haiti, Cuba and North Eastern USA. The Ushahidi community assisted remotely whenever they could. Our team shared resources and helped new mappers get going with our technology. There are gaps ofcourse, Ushahidi do not have a dedicated call center/tech support section to serve each and every new mapper, but we made do with what we can. A summary of …

[Guest post by the Association for Progressive Communications (APC). Written By LC for APCNews. Originally published Calgary, Canada, 19 October 2012]

Project partners will participate in the Take Back the Tech! campaign held each year from 25 November to 10 December, which is a global call for everyone, especially women and girls, to take control of technology to end violence against women.

Recent acts of violence against teenage girls Amanda Todd and …