It’s that time again, your chance to do what the Ushahidi community does so well, go vote for us in a challenge and help us win $10,000 for further development.

You’ll need to register and login to the site. Make sure you don’t just select the “+”, but put us on your “BALLOT”.

There are a few simple rules to voting:

- If you don’t have a NetSquared account yet, register for one
- Each registered user has one (1) ballot
- You must vote for at least three (3) projects and no more than five (5)

Need a couple more to vote on? Try these:
- FloodSMS – Early Detection and Warning of Catastrophic Flooding via SMS
- QuestionBox – Democratizing Information and News for the Illiterate, Poor and Unconnected
- HarassMap – Reporting & Mapping Sexual Harassment on the Streets via SMS
- Souktel – Mobile Phone Job Service

We are extremely thankful for all of your support as the Ushahidi community.