Over the past few months, a number of you have had several issues with database prefixes after installation, CSV upload issues and a few other bugs. After a few weeks of testing and clean up, we have been shown the green light to release 2.7.1. This is a bug fix release meaning it has seen most of the critical bugs reported on 2.7 fixed and merged in.

Courtesy of http://xkcd.com/

Courtesy of http://xkcd.com/, Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License

Some of the major bugs fixed include:

  • Bulk deletions coupled with single report deletion
  • Login page issues
  • Date picker issues in default theme
  • Database table prefix installation issues
  • Some Custom form issues
  • Image upload issues (uploading jpegs, image sizing issues)

See list of all closed tickets tagged under the 2.7.1 milestone on our github issues page.

Classic Crowdmap Update

We are doing a timed release. The Ushahidi platform has been updated with immediate effect. Classic Crowdmap, which uses the same code as Ushahidi platform will be updated to match to the new release by 5th September, 2013. We will be sure to update this blog and advise via community channels once the update is done.

UPDATE: Crowdmap classic is now running on this latest version of the Ushahidi platform.

Plugins compatibility

Community testing over the past week also involved rigorous testing of compatibility with both core and non-core Ushahidi plugins. You can find an updated compatibility chart on our Plugin Compatibility page.

Upgrade today

For those running on older versions of the platform, you should get a prompt on your administrator dashboard asking you to upgrade. Download the The auto-upgrade plugin, which will go along way in easing some of you upgrade pains :).

Here’s some more documentation:

Need Help?

Trouble upgrading? Keep Calm… Upgrade days are coming!

We’re looking to have another set of Upgrade days later this month, to help those of you who may need some help upgrading your deployments. Stay tuned for updates in the coming days!

In the meantime, feel free to get in touch with us via Skype, IRC and the Ushahidi forums.

Download Ushahidi

You can grab this new version from our Download page. For any issues encountered, feel free to get in touch with us by filing bug reports on our github issues page.

Thank you

We would like to thank our community rockstar developers who have tirelessly sent in pull requests, filed or responded to tickets on github or asked questions, and those who have helped us test the platform. Note: we try to include names where ever possible, but have included Github ids as an alternative :) :

Pull Requests: Diogo Freire, Samir Shah, prd-interarma, Jacob Lewallen, alexandro82, Kelvin Kosgei, John Etherton

Testing: Lidia Cibor, Adam Preston, Fegu, Brendan, Katherine, Leesa, Pat Tressel

Github Tickets: Samir Shah, Gavin Cameron, Dhruba Adhikari, Francesco Bartoli, Helena Puig Larrauri, Alexandro82, Faisal Chohan, Loren Bell, Henrik Lundqvist, Petjal, Burrakhairy, Ahmed Nemreen, mrashad10, Aradarad2001, Brian J Baldwin, LordOfCorners, Javquery, Dafe75, Matpng, Steve Price, Fares Faressabri, Fauners, kmskerritt, waq2062, Kelvin Kosgei, efolibebe, Dan 53, Lea Park, Jacob Lewallen

Translations and Localizations
Ushahidi is translated into many languages and localizations. Thank you to our global community for all their ongoing efforts to raise citizen voices in their own words. These are the changes from the past 4 months.

andriykopanytsia (Ukrainian), ppanhh(Vietnamese), wasilis.mandratzis (German, Greek), vantharith (khmer), solstag (Brazilian Portuguese) Iske Solstag, Harold Gloglo (Brazilian Portuguese), sher (Russian), Dragan Lalos (Bosnia), Amin Sabeti (Persian), Qxiaojoe (Chinese (China)), José Jiménez, juliabis, jose sabastizagal (Spanish (Argentina), Davide Beatrici, Sigisbaldo (Stefano), (Italian (Italy)), CedricMoro (French (France), corneliu.e (romanian), Iker Ibarguren, gerkoon, Urtzi Odriozola,Txapisotegi,Theklan, sutokia,(Basque), Kouju, Tanabe (Japanese), PvdHeuvel_, Gideon van Melle, Nienke Hulzebos (Dutch (Netherlands)), Manuela Silva, (Portuguese (Portugal)), Andi Chandler (english (UK)) José Jiménez,Luis Bonifacio Ramírez del Pino, nachouve (Spanish (Spain)), Krystian Hoffman (Swedish), Talha Okur (Turkish), Pratik Kumar, Jayesh Vani, Shantanu Sarkar, (Hindi), jose sabastizagal (Spanish (Peru), Neogeografen/ (Danish),Veeven,Ravi Chandra Enaganti (Telugu), José Jiménez (Spanish (Venezuela)), Juraj Oravec (Slovak), Nabaz, Rebaz Nawzad (Kurdish (Iraq)), Aleksandr Jadov (Lithuanian), Umar Fikry (Divehi) and NeobeatIKK (Spanish (Chile))

We hope we captured all your names and nicknames or ids. If we missed you, please accept our apologies and humble thanks.

This release would not have happened without you!