Welcome to the new Crowdmap! Every map is a story and every user is a map. You can add posts and create maps with any web-enabled device. Crowdmap is a hosted service for mapping virtually anything on the web, focused on a more social mapping experience with support for multimedia, sharing, and mobile support.

(This video quickly explains maps and posts)

Crowdmap mappers requested greater functionality and flexibility for their maps and posts. Research prompted us to build a robust Crowdmap that is mobile first, post-focused with seamless integration across devices. Compare Crowdmap Classic and Crowdmap side by side on the wiki.

Key Features

  • Responsive. The website will work on any web-enabled device. You can use all the features on mobile, especially map and post administration.
  • Share everything. Your posts and maps are shareable on Twitter, Facebook or anywhere on the web with versatile embed codes.
  • Simplified configuration. We’ve focused on the settings that are most important to our Crowdmappers like collaborators, moderation and map styles.
  • Post independence. All posts live in the Crowdmap ecosystem, ready to be mashed up on any map.
  • Nerded out. 100% of the site is driven by an incredible API that will make developers salivate. We’ll be dropping documentation on this soon.

Crowdmap and Crowdmap Classic will run simultaneously for the coming months so your Classic maps aren’t changing. If you are a current Crowdmap Classic user, you can login to new Crowdmap with your existing email and password. We have more information on how to switch in our evolving User Guide. Creating an new account is easy. Just set up and go! If you need help, our wiki is here for you.

Crowdmap is built on top of a robust new API that will empower developers to create amazing new applications. We will be opening up the documentation and example code in the coming months to allow users to build on top of the ecosystem.

Additional Resources

Your map adventure begins now. Here are some resources to get you started:

Crowdmap Transition FAQ
Crowdmap FAQ
User Guide

Get a demo

Later today we will host a Crowdmap Public Beta Google + Hangout. Hope you can join us!

When: Monday, May 6, 2013 @ 21:00 EDT / 18:00 PDT (Details on how to participate.)

Take a spin on Crowdmap

Questions or Feedback?

We’re as responsive as our design. You can reach us at support@ushahidi.com. Feedback is very welcome as we are continuously making Crowdmap more awesome every day.

Remember, this is a beta! We want you to map stuff and break everything! Let us know what you want to see, what you are enjoying and what you think needs work.

Please use our feedback form to submit bugs. If you’re a little more tech savvy, you can post issues directly on our GitHub issues repository.

We just want to give a HUGE THANKS to all the translators and beta testers for being early adopters. We’re super excited to share Crowdmap which wouldn’t be possible without your help!

Happy Mapping!

Brian, Evan and the whole Ushahidi Team