Community updates have been less regular due to Uchaguzi. I’ll get back to Weekly updates finally. Uchaguzi was the largest community participatory project we’ve worked on both globally and locally. Rich community experiences will inform our work throughout the year! If you haven’t taken a look, we’ve created full documentation on how we did a large deployment. Please take it and remix for your work.


Upcoming Ushahidi meetups

Environmental Mappers Community Hour
March 21st 09:00 am EDT/16:00 EAT: Juliana Rotich host a roundtable for those using Ushahidi for Environmental Mapping. Join us on Google Hangout to share your best practices. (There are only 10 hangout spots to speak, but you can still listen in. We’ll record it.)

Ushahidi community developer call:
March 26th/March 27th 21:00 EAT/ 18:00 GMT: Join our developer team to talk products, testing and APIs. Join the call

Take a listen to last month’s call

Stay tuned for a London UK meetup announcement for April 3, 2013! If you’d like to host a community hour on your favourite topic or a local meetup, please contact Heather to get started. (Hleson at ushahidi dot com)

Deployments of the Week

We’re in catch up mode again to give accolades to amazing Ushahidi deployments around the globe.

MSF Pastilies Map

February 27: Medicine Sans Frontieres Greece created Pastilies Map: Solidarity for the Suffering of Others.
March 5: Haruna: Response to the Cyclone in Madagascar
March 12: SxtxStories: Journalism students covered SXSW using Ushahidi software. They even ran a hackathon to get ready for their project.

More Community Leaders

We are completely honoured to welcome and recognize the following community leaders. These folks helped bridge global and local communities for Uchaguzi. There were so many rockstars and mapstars during the project, but we wanted to give special thanks to our coleads:

Leesa Astredo: Media Monitoring, SBTF community member, second recognition
Mark Kamau: SMS Team, local Nairobi Community member
Om: SMS team, SBTF community member
Anne Salim: Reports team, local Nairobi Community member
Jus Mackinnon: Reports team, SBTF community member, second recognition
Leonida Mutuku: Analysis & Research Team, local Nairobi Community member
Catherine Dempsey: Analysis & Research Team, UK community builder and guest editor for
Accadius “Ben” Sabwa, GEO team, local Nairobi Community Developer member
Brendan O’Hanrahan, Geo team, SBTF community member
Debrah Ojuka, Translation team, local Nairobi Community member
Paul Wambura, Translation team, Translators without Borders, local Nairobi Community member
Mel Mbugua, Verification team, local Nairobi Community member
Nekesa Were, Coordination team, local Nairobi Community member

Community Survey Results

Thanks so much to the folks who responded to the Ushahidi 2012 Community Survey. Your feedback was used to help us plan for 2013. We promised to hear your feedback and make some changes. I’ll be sharing more details on feedback and our actions on these topics in the coming weeks.

Top 10 Improvements Required:

1. Installation 2. Mobile 3. Support 4. Upgrades/updates 5. Plugins 6. Documentation
7. SwiftRiver 8. Forms 9. Reports 10. Customization

Top Community needs:

Based on the input, here are the top things you asked us to give you:

  • Office hours/Technical Support
  • Better Documentation
  • More Best Practice Docs, Deployer sessions roundtables
  • Meetups

Where are you?

Where are you?

Who are you?

Who are you?

Products: what you use

Products: Which ones do you use?

Types of Deployments

Types of Deployments

Describe Ushahidi

Describe your Ushahidi experience

I’m super excited to keep building on the momentum of Uchaguzi deployment. We’ve worked hard to increase meetups, improve documentation and provide more support. Here’s to addressing the feedback and making your Ushahidi experience fantastic.

Happy mapping!