In this week’s report, we have David’s OSCON presentation “Pivoting an African Open Source Project” and a reminder about this month’s Ushahidi Community Developer chat.

Into the code

Swift River beta

SwiftRiver Beta testing is continuing. To get a beta account, click to signup. If you have a Swift Beta account, we’re tracking input here.

From the Community

Reminder: The next Community Developer call will be Monday, July 30/ Tuesday July 31st @ 21:00 EST, 18:00 PST. See the Community Meetings page for more details on other timezones and how to participate.

Deployment of the Week:The AzteCast team has added their mobile IOS to Itunes. They are just getting started with their AzteCast project, but we see the unique potential as they plan for the upcoming university year. Deployments focused on situational awareness and preparedness, including early warning systems, continue to be a strength of longer tail deployments.


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