How is a Wikipedia article different from a news article about the 2011 Egyptian Revolution at different points in the story’s evolution? What are the roles of social media and other Internet sources in rapidly evolving articles? And what, really, is Wikipedia’s working perspective on primary sources?

Join us for a seminar at the Wikimedia Foundation HQ in San Francisco as we showcase the first research results of the Understanding Sources project. SwiftRiver ethnographer, Heather Ford will tell the story of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution article, highlighting how sources were chosen and categorized, what were the most important variables used in discussing sources, and what this means for future tool-building and other projects related to sources for both Ushahidi and the Wikimedia Foundation.

Please RSVP to Dana Isokawa.

A video of the event will also be made available.

Cartoon image by xkcd licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license