Today we are introducing you to the latest person to join the Ushahidi team. Evan Sims (@evansims) comes to us as a Senior Developer, helping to improve scalability, performance and reliability of our Crowdmap service. We are super excited to see what he can do with the platform!

Evan Sims

Evan extending an outdated looking point and shoot camera in a pub.

Evan brings a unique element to the team with his background in game design. He worked on projects like Conduit 2 for the Wii and The Grinder for Xbox 360. This is not to say that Ushahidi is planning a FPS any time soon! Evan has years of experience in all aspects of web development, from great looking front end work to building servers that scale. His latest personal project manages a quarter million World of Warcraft game items on WoW Instant.

Evan has already been hard at work testing out different scaling technologies in conjunction with Ushahidi, fixing bugs and taking names. All of us at Ushahidi are excited to see what Evan conjures up for Crowdmap and the platform as a whole!