Congratulations to the, and teams for winning awards for all their hard work. All three projects demonstrate the power of communities using their voices. Simply put: we’re delighted! received 1st place in the Rakuten Technology Awards. was created in response to the earthquake and tsunami which struck Japan in March 2011. Congratulations to Hal Seki and the whole team. The Rakuten Technology Awards, granted to people who have contributed to evolve various technologies, were given last week at the Rakuten Technology Conference. Rakuten (Rakuten, Inc.) is biggest e-commerce company started at 1997 in Japan. They’ve been supporting the Ruby community and holding the technology awards since 2008.

Hal Seki presented about and his other response activity – a Hack-a-thon event called Hack For Japan. Currently, he is building a non-profit-organization which aims to run and hack-a-thon events. If you are in Japan on December 17- 18, 2011, consider attending Hack for Japan. UN World Summit Youth Award for “Power 2 Women!”

Harassmap [Egypt]: Winner under the category of “Power 2 Women!” aims to end the social acceptability of sexual harassment and has an active campaign for women to report issues in Egypt. Women can report via SMS anonymously. The team consisted of: Engy Ghozlan, Rebecca Chiao, Engy Ghozlan, Sawsan Gad, and Amel Fahmy. The award was accepted by Heba Habib.

Harassmap_heba_habib UN World Summit Youth Award for “Pursue Truth!”

Zabatak [Egypt]: Winner under the category of “Pursue Truth!”
Zabatak, a non-profit, is an anti-crime, anti-corruption initiative led by group of young people that aim to fight corruption and to make Egypt safe and free from bribery and corruption. The team consisted of: Abbas Ibrahim, Nagla Metwally, Ali El-Hefnawy, Mostafa Raafat, and Amr Sobhy.

Zabatak Team

Congratulations to all of the winners. You humble us with your drive to change the world. Thank you.

Thank you to Anna Gauto, ICNM – International Center for New Media for the photos of the Harrassmap and Zabatak winners.