During the month of September, we’re releasing one theme a week for the Ushahidi platform. This is third theme to be released. Check out the previous two!

Meet “Polaroid”

For this theme, we wanted to really break from the traditional map + categories layout found in many Ushahidi deployments. Our goal was to highlight the individual report location and also create a seamless viewing experience for the full report details. We can see this theme working especially well for couple of use cases:

  • A Travel Log: Having small maps associated with each report provides a nice visual for someone documenting all the places they visit on a trip.
  • A City Mini-Guide: This theme would be great for someone wanting to create small city guide. Via the web or our mobile apps, you could quickly set up several points of interest along with pictures and video.

These are just a couple of use cases that came to mind but there are sure to be a zillion others that will show up too!

Live Demo

Go to http://ie.ushahidi.com/ for a live demo.

The Technical Nitty Gritty

Compared to the past two themes we released, this one has a little bit more going on under the hood:

  • Lines of CSS: ~270
  • Number of Images Used: 2
  • Files Changed: header.php, footer.php, main.php, reports_view.php and the addition of a custom block used on the home page (polaroid_reports.php).
  • Third Party Tools: Google Static Maps and Map Style API’s for individual report maps, Colorbox for the report detail modal windows.

How To Get It

Download it here! Also, it’s been added to the master branch of the platform on Github so feel free to pull it down at your convenience.

We hope you enjoy Polaroid!