We’ve been connecting with old and new friends during the past week or so. Meetups were held in Montreal (CA) (Sept.12th), Lusaka (ZA) (Sept. 13th), Ottawa (CA) (Sept. 15th), London (UK ) (Sept. 16th), and Mombasa (KE) (Sept 17th). Connecting with the Ushahidi community helps us focus on the mission to support their efforts. The Ushahidi team really values the “not-in-front-of-our-computer” time to both learn and share. So, we’re planning more events for the fall season.

The London (UK) casual event was co-hosted by the Crisismappers Network and the Stand-by Task Force. As you can see from the hat, Patrick Meier was in attendance.

(Photo from the London meet-up)

Linda Kamau held a developer’s meetup in Lusaka (ZA) and Ahmed Mahaay held a technical meet-up in Mombassa (KE). Both Ushahidians provided a deeper technical overview incorporating demos, training and a developer’s discussion.

(Photo from the Lusaka meet-up)

Holding casual meetups provides an informal place for folks like Adeel Khamisa of GeoTime to stop by the Ottawa meet-up or Stephane Giodone of Zonecode to share his project ideas for opening up the alerts for construction in Montreal. We try to hold casual meet-ups if we are visiting a city.

Upcoming Scheduled Events:

October 8th, San Francisco (USA): Ushahidi & Media Hackathon
October 25th, Toronto (CA): Mapping for Media (co-hosted by Innovate News)

Stay tuned for more announcements:

November 7th, London (UK): Frontline SMS and Ushahidi will co-host a workshop
November 11th, Nairobi (KE): Heather Ford and the iHub team will co-host an academic webinar
November 12th, Paris (FR): OpenStreetMap and Ushahidi will co-host a workshop/hackday