Ushahidi has won the Weblog of the Year award from Deutsche Welle. I’m at the Global Media Forum in Bonn, Germany where I spent yesterday taking part in the BoB’s (Best of Blogs) 6th award ceremony.

Ushahidi wins the Weblog of the Year Award

Ushahidi wins the Weblog of the Year Award

I’ll say here what I said there yesterday. Ushahidi’s blog is an extension of the community. Many of the blog posts here are written both by our team and by those who use Ushahidi all over the world. A lot of time is spent writing and coming up with the blog posts to educate and share the experiences of how to better crowdsource information in very trying times.

The list of winners from the different languages and categories was stunning. I had a chance to speak with a couple of the other winners and was struck with just how fortunate we were to win this award, as any one of them could have as well.

A big thank you to Deutsche Welle for putting this event on and honoring us with this award. An even bigger thank you to the Ushahidi community that earned this award with us.