At 11:59 on March 31 East Africa Time, a brain virus started to spread through the African continent. The media is referring to it as Zombiegeddon or Operation Z. SwiftRiver and Ushahidi have begun tracking reports of incident from around the world. Report zombie sightings to us at:

@zombiemap on twitter
+447624802534 on your Mobile Phone
follow #zombiereports or #operationz

Please share this message before it’s too late.

[Edit: Update 08:50 Kenya time, April 1, 2010]

Apparently there is a group running an instance of Ushahidi to track Zombie Reports… There have been a few strange requests for the platform in the past, but this one blows them all away. We wouldn’t have even paid attention to this, except that we can’t seem reach any of the Ushahidi Swift River devs like Jon, Matt, Ivan or Victor who live in Kampala.

Zombie Reports map

We’ve found this one post that gives some background on what might have actually happened, but it’s just a blog, and we don’t know the source:

“At midnight tonight doctors at Mulago hospital in Kampala, Uganda brought in a seriously injured patient who was suffering from a heavy loss of blood. The patient was left in the waiting room unattended, as is often the case. Several hours later a number of staff and patients were reported missing. A friend at a local media outlet sent out the following email, which leaked from, the Ugandan U.S. Embassy:

‚ÄúStrange things are occurring. Overnight, over 100 people have disappeared. Doctors are reporting similarly strange symptoms across seemingly un-related patients. A type of brain disease that affects ”

We at Ushahidi are supporting them to the deploying team of to the best of our ability, especially as the number of reports continues to increase. We’ve also stood up the newest Swift River code in order to sweep and score news coming in from all over the world as this spread.

Do your part and report the Zombie attacks, sitings, safe zones and weapon caches in your area. Help us track and contain the Zombie horde!