In anticipation of the forthcoming Alpha release of the new Kohana-based Swift River codebase on March 30th, Meedan is sponsoring a hack night and discussion on Friday, April 2, 2010 at 5pm, at the Meedan offices in San Francisco, California.

Proposed goals for the open-invite evening include:

  • getting the new app running locally on some developer machines
  • making sure that new developers are clear on how to use the git workflow
  • discussing new features and the roadmap
  • discussing integration potential, future points of collaboration & code sharing

We will probably transition to conversation over dinner.

There are two ways to participate in the hackup:

The alpha hackup is sandwiched between Where2.0 and Wherecamp — starting at 4/2 5pm PST and last until late, as the Ugandan and Kenyan teams come online (the morning of 4/3 Eastern Africa Time).


  • developers who are interested in getting started hacking on the new codebase
  • developers with skills in PHP, MySQL, Python or Ruby on Rails
  • our colleagues working on like-minded tools
  • journalists or researchers who just want to learn more about the platform

If you are planning on coming to the event in San Francisco just send an email to cgblow at gmail dot com — we will make sure you have a phone number so you can get in the Meedan office.

Hackathon Photo By SuperAmit