Hatari Logo

Ken Kasina, of Ushahidi, is talking about a new instance of Ushahidi that has gone up in Nairobi just this last week called Hatari (meaning “danger” in Swahili). The site was set up for anyone in Nairobi to submit reports on crime and corruption in the city.


1. By sending a message to +254719457500
2. By sending an email to tips@hatari.co.ke
3. By sending a tweet with the hashtag/s #hatari #nairobi
4. By filling a form at the website

Hatari - Mapping  crime and corruption in Nairobi

Ken is showing how we run the Hatari site. We use FrontlineSMS, loaded onto a small netbook, connected to the web and receiving SMS messages using the Safaricom 3G modem. It’s small, lightweight and very portable.

Connecting to the internet in Nairobi national park

Ushahidi Meetup 09 B from Ushahidi on Vimeo.