We are delighted to share some wonderful news from our friends at Cuidemos El Voto, the project that tracked the Mexico elections this year. The group helped translate the Ushahidi platform into Spanish, to make it easier for deployment and adoption in the Spanish speaking world.

They have posted the code on Github where you can download the version they translated. They continue to help Ushahidi with deploying instances in Spanish speaking countries.

The Ushahidi dev team is always cognizant of localization concerns, and we shall keep you updated as soon as we’ve got the framework set for translations. Meanwhile, do check out the code on our Github page to keep up with the developments, or you can always request a download on this link. If you’ve got an instance running, we’d love to see it, let us know on this link.

Many thanks again to the Cuidemos el Voto team for their wonderful contribution!