Ushahidi is delighted to announce a collaboration with AIDSPortal in the UK, and KANCO – Kenya AIDS NGO Consortium in Kenya to map the availability of HIV, AIDS, and TB services in Kenya. This collaboration is supported by, the philanthropic arm of Google. The Geo-Challenge grant awarded will make this endeavor possible. We are looking forward to making this mapping a tool that will be useful to KANCO and NGOs working in the Kenyan health space.

KANCO and AIDSportal were one of the first testers of the Alpha version of the Ushahidi platform, and we are grateful for their continued support of Ushahidi. Feedback received has been instrumental to the ‘Goma’ release and we look forward to working together on this important project.

Part of the team working on this project:


From the left:
Dennis Gaturuku – Grant Making and Management officer,
Allan Ragi – Executive Director of KANCO, Melissa Tully – Graduate Student and Researcher University of Wisconsin, Jamie Lundine – Student in geography and African studies at McGill University,Montreal, Canada, Juliana – Ushahidi, Robinson Muigai – KANCO Webmaster and IT, Amanya Kimathi – Ushahidi.

Robert Worthington and Anne Babcock of Aidsportal…we hope to take a complete group picture at the conclusion of the project.

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The test site is, we will update you once the site is customized fully and becomes operational.