Bell Lager and open source in Uganda

At first look it might appear that open source development in Uganda runs on Bell beer. That would be incorrect, it runs on a mixture of Bell Lager, Open Arena and free Ushahidi t-shirts

This last Friday we had a meetup at the Linux User Group (LUG) monthly meeting in Kampala. There was a great turnout of at least 40 people, though I have my reservations on whether they were all there to hear me talk about Ushahidi or whether it was for the Linux gaming focus… :)

Ushahidi meetup in Uganda

It turns out that there are quite a few open source advocates in Kampala, and there were a couple guys who were interested in helping out with the building of Ushahidi. Here’s hoping that we see more Ugandan devs on the Skype channel and in the commit logs!