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Sharek961 launched today, it is the culmination of work by the civic organization Sharek961, with support from eMoksha, Meedan, Social Media Exchange and other volunteers. The site utilizes the Ushahidi platform, and incorporates the backend enhancements that were made to VoteReport.in. Sharek961’s goal is to get citizen reports about the elections which will be held on the 7th of June.
As always, there are four ways for reports to be submitted.

1. Text message to 7118 9118

2. Send an email to sharek [at] sharek961 [dot] org

3. Send a message to @sharek961 on twitter

4. Submit a form on the website.

More information on this initiative is available on the Sharek961 website, and the accompanying Ning page. Do check them out!

Its great to see the Ushahidi platform being used in this project, and we hope to get feedback on the technical challenges, customizations that were needed, and what worked for the Sharek961 team.