Earlier this year, two members of the Ushahidi team – Erik and Juliana were selected to be part of the inaugural class of TED fellows and to attend the TED 2009 conference in California. (Here is a Q&A with Erik on the TED Blog)

In California Erik had the opportunity to give a short (four minutes, very hard to do!) TED talk on the roots of Ushahidi, where we are going, and how Swift River fits in.  You can catch the talk below.

Erik TED talk on Ushahidi

While the post-election violence was the genesis of the idea of Ushahidi, the TED community (specifically the TED Global Arusha community) in many ways helped mid-wife the idea into a reality by providing a sense of familiarity and more importantly trust among the initial core group of volunteers who worked on the idea.  Without this, Ushahidi would almost certainly not have been built in a few days by a virtual team…just goes to show you that there are some conferences that are more than just talk shops!