Jeremy HarringtonJeremy Harrington is one of the top WordPress blog designers and usability experts in the US, who has his own consulting firm and also does work for Crowd Favorite, who has done design work for some of the biggest blogs around. He got in touch with us a few months back asking how he could join the Ushahidi community and help its development.

We were already using their “Carrington Theme“, so he jumped on board with a customized version of that theme for us. His goal was to make the blog design fit with the overall look and feel of the Ushahidi website. This meant a lot of subtle work with background colors and gradients, and styling changes that didn’t leave such a jarring effect when someone jumped from the Ushahidi website to the blog.

Thanks a lot Jeremy!

[Note: I first met Jeremy at BlogOrlando in 2007, personal relationships make such a big difference in this world.]