Overhead, originally uploaded by zulusafari.

On Thursday we had an Ushahidi developer meetup in Nairobi. We met at our favorite (free wifi) food court at the Prestige Plaza, and as always, had a great time discussing the latest news, and biggest areas of focus.

Big pushes in this coming 2-3 months include:

  • Customized mapping overlays
  • iPhone completion
  • J2ME v2 completion
  • Android v2 completion
  • News GeoRSS feeds onto Map
  • More granular timeline
  • Pulling reports by cluster
  • Twitter API setup
  • Flickr API setup

Ken Banks, of FrontlineSMS was able to join us. A big boost for the Java team who has been playing around with, and customizing, some of the FrontlineSMS functionality. This partnership is turning out to be a real boon for us, and we expect even bigger and better things in the future.

Jason Mule and Brian Muita were each given a special thank you gift from the Ushahidi team, due to the extra work they have put in over the last 3-5 months.

The picture above was taken (before everyone arrived) by Taylor Martyn, a friend of mine who happens to be a photographer as well.

A BIG thanks to everyone for such a great turnout!

(Oh, and yes, that is a patch on my head. I split it open in a losing battle with a low door frame…)