Many thanks to Brian of for the detailed instructions of how to setup FrontlineSMS sync with Ushahidi. The details are posted on the wiki.

Ushahidi plus FrontlineSMS

This wiki entry will go a long way in helping testers with the Frontline SMS sync capability, and we are especially grateful to Brian for this and also for running the mini hub used in DRC deployment of Ushahidi. When he set up the hub, he realized that if your internet connection goes down and you are still receiving SMS from the field, the SMS will not sync automatically with Ushahidi. Do not fret though, Brian wrote a script (in Python) for a workaround. The script and other known issues are also posted on the wiki. Check it out here.

It would be remiss to not send a shout out to Ken Banks of Kiwanja.Net for assisting Ushahidi with this Mobile => Mapping endeavor. We are building it with Kenny!