As the Alpha version of Ushahidi was being launched, Ushahidi had some great volunteers working behind the scenes adding content to the new mashup.


Wambui Wamae – Kamiru, blogs at Kati Ya Wanawake about Women, Action and Change.


Dipesh Pabari blogs at Sukuma Kenya and he is one of the organizers of the Samosa Festival in Nairobi.

Wambui and Dipesh helped Ushahidi by entering dozens of reports that were originally blogged by Dipesh Pabari on the Sukuma Kenya Blog. The entries are now part of the mapping, such that when you click on ‘Kisumu’ you can read about the peace efforts of the Ladies in Action and other reports from the crisis period in early January.

I would like to thank Wambui and Dipesh for adding to the archive of reports on Ushahidi, you totally rock! Thank you for supporting Ushahidi and for all your assistance.

We realize that there were many Kenyans engaged in peace efforts, wrote about the crisis, or got specific information about what happened in Kenya. We would love for you to submit the information you may received into the new Ushahidi engine, kindly include links to the source of your report. The goal is to create an archive that contextualizes the crisis as much as possible, and tags the reports by city or area.
Just use this link to submit the information.

If you would like to help us out with getting incident reports that are part of long pdf documents into the Ushahidi engine, please have a look at the list of reports on our wiki, feel free to download a report and enter the incidents reported into the Ushahidi engine, please include the page number as part of the description and it will be reviewed by an administrator.
Do enter your name and email address in the optional field, we would love to contact you and thank you personally.

Please do continue to spread the word about the DRC deployment,, and the mobile number to send SMS reports to is +243992592111. Thank you.