The Ushahidi community is excited to announce the alpha release of the Ushahidi engine, that our developers have been hard at  work on these last few months. The release is a basis for the integration of powerful new technologies that will be included in Ushahidi v1. As this is a development-release, we do not claim it to be perfect, and includes the following features:

  • Creating new crisis reports tagged by location
  • Adding images, video and news links to reports also tagged by location
  • Visualizing reports using an interactive timeline and heatmaps
  • Allowing users to participate by adding information to reported events
  • Credibility/Ranking of reports
  • Subscribe to alerts via email or sms that alert you to reports within the proximity of a specific location
Ushahidi Alpha

Mobile-based reporting will soon be introduced into the beta version of the platform along with several other useful features that we could not squeeze into the alpha release timeframe. There’s still plenty to do before the Ushahidi engine is ready for general release  but everything is going well and we’re extremely excited about it – so stay tuned!

In the demo, linked above, you will find data processed from the original Kenya install of Ushahidi. The original version of ushahidi is found at

The admin area looks a little different, below is a look at the dashboard. We’ll be opening up a full demo area for anyone to play with the backend of the system soon.

If you’d like to get involved, head on over to the Ushahidi dev wiki, then get in contact with us.