Tonight was the first big Ushahidi in-person meetup that we’ve had. About a dozen of us got together in Nairobi to get better acquainted, get strategy updates and eat some food. Quite frankly, as I looked around at the developers represented, I was humbled by the level of talent that Ushahidi has been able to attract. This development community is really remarkable, and I believe the software will prove that out.

Checking out the latest Ushahidi build

Patrick Meier, on our advisory board, was able to attend, and Kwame Nyong’o, the talented illustrator behind the artwork showed up for a bit. Amanya Kimathi joined us for the first time and will be helping with the local Kenya pilot project implementation. On top of those new faces, we had Jason Mule, Laban Mwangi, Brian Muite, Steve Mutinda, Josiah Mugambi, Wilfred Mworia, Oscar Otiende, and Tim Kamau present.

Besides good company and good food, we were able to iron out some administrative details. One of which is the local monthly Ushahidi dev meetings that are starting up, being led by Wilfred and Jason. If you’re a dev in Nairobi and want to get an idea of what’s happening on this project, get in touch with either of them. We’ll start posting the upcoming dates for meetings here on the Ushahidi blog.

Lastly, I did short video interviews with everyone who attended, which I will become a video short showing who the guys are behind the Ushahidi.